Concentrating machines

LLC “CONCENTRATING MACHINES” designs and produces modular, mobile and stationary units for processing of solid minerals for the purpose of receiving technically valuable products suitable for industrial use.

Requests of foreign consumers, and also future increase of railway tariffs, efficiency of power capacities and ecological requirements within the country force the coal companies to be engaged already today in development of own preparation of coals of energy brands.

Export orientation at this stage dictates a tendency of increase in volumes of preparation of power generating coals. In the world market the coal which is not corresponding to certain parameters cannot be sold. The company having its preparation production becomes less dependent on market condition fluctuation.

Minimum possible caloric content which arrives for export is 5 800 kilocalories. However for the exported coal basic parameter on caloric content is 6 000 kilocalories at humidity 8-9% and ash content 12-14%. In ports of shipment coal of different parameters can be mixed according to contracts, on average creating at the exit a product with caloric content around 6 000. But it is considered that it is most favorable to enrich coals up to ash content 6-7%. Then the caloric content of a product will equal 6 600-6 700 k/cal.


  1. High rates of preparation
  2. Low energy costs

      3. Fast payback period